Ten thousand years ago the northern glaciers of Earth melted away, leaving behind deep blue fjords, high mountain vistas, narrow lush valleys and raging rivers. Time passed and settlers began to arrive from the south and the west by sea, and by land from the east.

The new arrivals found a place where the sun was king in the summer and where winter made them strong and enduring – demanding an understanding of nature and her power. Generation upon generation worked with the sea and the land, designing a lifestyle built on quality, endurance and substance. They stood capable and strong but always with a respect for what nature could provide – and take away.

Beyond the Horizon
As time passed, the Bronze Age came and went, and later, in the second half of the first Millennium, these people began to call themselves Vikings. Building ships to explore far Beyond the Horizon, they traveled to North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. They were feared and honored, these seafaring warriors and traders who left their mark far and wide with their culture and their language.

But as all things must pass, the era of the Viking ended, and the Land of the Midnight Sun – Norway – experienced centuries difficult and bountiful, through the 400-year Dark Night, later when half the population ventured west to the New World, and finally as the 20th century dawned and Norway declared itself a free and independent nation in 1905.

 Hard work has its rewards. Norway is consistently ranked one of the world’s best places to live.  The 25,000-kilometer coastline makes Norway a perfect spot for Life Sciences and research that can change the world.  Nature and industry go hand in hand with a wealth of design, culture, music, art, recreation and sport.

"NORWAY - One of the World's Best Kept Secrets"© 

Norway Communicates 

Norway Communicates in many ways, but it speaks most eloquently through nature. Travel to the north and experience a summer sun that will not set for months. Stand on Lofoten´s snow white beaches and find yourself in a crystal blue sea the color of the finest hour before sunrise. In the west is Bergen where you can stand on the wharf that has seen world trade for the last 1,000 years. Visit the south land in the summer when winter is just a faraway dream. Or stand on the mountain peaks anywhere in the country and understand what it means to see forever.

Join us and see what Norway Communicates to you.