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Norway Communicates had a long conversation with Steven Van Zandt about “Lilyhammer”, the hit show now in its 3rd season, and his feelings about the town of Lillehammer. Hear Steven’s “take” on how people reacted when the film crews first came to town, his role in the growing Norwegian film industry, the TV Drama Week in January 2016, and other perspectives from this “Renaissance Man” who has chosen Norway as his second home.

Read and download the entire winter edition of the Visit Lillehammer magazine on, or go straight to the Steven Van Zandt interview here



Remember when you were young, and believed anything was possible?  There are those who still
believe, This is the story of “Tvibit” a youth center in Tromsø where the rules are simple –  youth create their own vision, ideas, and projects - without interference from the ”grownups”. Read more


The Vardø Witch Trials and the Steilneset Memorial

Three hundred and fifty years ago in Europe, fear and war ruled the continent - and the
witch-hunt craze in Northern Norway's Finnmark was leaving its mark forever on the country.
The Steilneset Memorial in Vardø is now open, commemorating the 91 executions that took
place there in the 1600s. Read More

MAY 2014

THE CHILDREN'S BIG DAY - Norway's National Day May 17th
It is now May, and we see a crystalline blue Scandinavian sunrise with green fir trees silhouetted against the brightening sky as the warm breeze flows over the countryside on Norway's national day.Read more


April 2014

America calling

More than a thousand years ago, the Vikings, explorers of legend, traveled to Asia, Africa and Europe, even settling in North America more that 500 years before Columbus even began planning his voyages. This was merely a taste of the mass exodus that was to come. Read more


March 2014

It is simply too cold for writing, but Norway Communicates has been in Southern California where we asked people what they knew about Norway. For a humorous just-for-fun video short, see USA Meet Norway.


April 2013

Norway's Ocean Industry
Norway has historically looked to the sea, and is among the world's leaders within three global sectors indelibly related to the ocean - Offshore Oil & Gas, Seafood & Aquaculture, and the powerful Shipping & Maritime Industry. Let us glimpse into a future where these powerful Norwegian sectors converge into an "Ocean Industry". Read more



Legendary Road Trips
Discover some of the most majestic scenery on the planet as part of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes project - a total of 18 different routes - each with its own history and character. Read more



The 2nd Annual Oslo Global Mobility Forum (OGMF) was staged in October 2012, and now a series of Norway Communicates essays looks at the different aspects of at the challenges – and solutions – related to mobility and Norway’s role on the global scale.

Part I: Accessibility – Norway and the world
The battle is on for the most valuable human resources, but what is Norway doing to make its’ mark this global competition?  Norway must become more accessible, and it must begin now. Read more

Part II: The Knowledge Society
“What will Norway do after the Oil & Gas reserves are gone?” While no one has all the answers, there is fascinating work being done in this country looking at the paradigm shift from Industry Sector Clusters to “Global Knowledge Hubs”. Read more

Part III: Opening up Norway
How can Norway as a small relatively little known country compete with the major cities and markets, and how can Oslo as a ”2nd Tier City” continue to raise its profile to compete? We must begin with openness to attract the best talent. Read more


Now they take Berlin
When the Norwegian "Scandi Rock" band Smoke Mohawk released its first album back in 2010, it was immediately touted by the national newspaper VG as a "supergroup". If raw creativity is any indication, the group has thus far lived up to expectations as they prepare for their September 2012 German invasion. Read More


August 2012

The "Norwegian Dream"?
The vision of the old "Norwegian Dream" has been fulfilled. People here have their homes, cars, cabins, their facelifts - and the country now has the largest per capita pension fund in the world with nearly $200,000 US per citizen. But what happened to the real "Norwegian Dream"? Read More


JULY 2012

Norwegian Public Diplomacy
Norway is a small country, with its five million people representing less than one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population. To put it in perspective – there are over 50 cities in the world with a population more than the entire country of Norway. For such a small country to make a positive impact internationally, effective communication and understanding must be achieved, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands this importance. Read More

JUNE 2012

A Knowledge-Based Norway
“What will we do after the Oil & Gas reserves are gone?” is a question that many Norwegians are asking these days. While no one has all the answers, there is fascinating work being done in this country looking at the paradigm shift from Industry Sector Clusters to “Global Knowledge Hubs”. Read More

APRIL 2012

GOING GLOBAL - The Norwegian Entrepreneurship Programme
What happens in a few decades when the oil really is gone, one-third of the population is in retirement - and when innovation is really necessary, not just a cliché? Read More


Can you name a town with a population of 26,000 that has hosted the "best Olympic Games ever"; has an international TV show; was home to a Nobel Literature Prize winner; stages the most difficult cross country race each year - and has a friendly atmosphere where it seems everyone knows everyone? Read More


More than a thousand years ago, the Vikings, explorers of legend, traveled to Asia, Africa and Europe, even settling in North America more that 500 years before Columbus even began planning his voyages. This was merely a taste of the mass exodus that was to come. Read more


As we begin the year of 2012, let us look at two elements of this country that will always be indelibly intertwined - the majestic mountains and Norway's creative culture shown through writing, art and music:


Here in Norway, culture goes hand in hand with nature. The great Norwegian artists, authors and musicians have often found their inspiration in the nature, folklore, traditions and history in this country. Read More

There are few places on Earth that can bring you closer to eternity than the Norwegian mountains. The mountains are as varied as the people of this country, with different personalities and moods. Norwegians go to the mountains to find themselves - ask them and they will tell you - the mountains are their meditation. Read More


As we end the year of 2011 here at Norway Communicates, let us take a look at four Norwegian cities. In the north, we find Bodø and Tromsø; in mid-Norway, the architectural pearl that is Ålesund; and finally, deep in the southlands of the country we take a closer look at Kristiansand:

Bodø is the center for a region that is a haven for visitors, the gateway to the Lofoten peninsula and islands, a city that combines the experience of life above the Arctic Circletogether with a thriving cultural life and a successful business, research and education sector. Read More


Tromsø is known as “The Paris of the North”. It is located just 1000 miles from the North Pole – and is a favorite for many who come from near and far to experience the combination of nature and exciting northern city life. Read More


Just over one hundred years ago on a wild and windy night in the dead of a January winter, a fired raged in Ålesund. The city was destroyed that night, but out of the ashes arose an Art Nouveau building style known as a unique European architecture marvel. Read More


Deep in the southlands of Norway, the long summer days and relatively mild winters provide the perfect backdrop to the industrious, creative and innovative city of Kristiansand. “Sørlandet” – The Norwegian Riviera. Read More 


Musical Worlds Converge
Oslo is a "Mecca" - a melting pot - for musicians and artists with creative different backgrounds, specialties and talents. In this article we look at convergence becoming creativity at the "Pop Saloon" Read More

Please also read our previous Norway Communicates music articles that have covered the international successes of the producing duo Stargate, Oslo as "The Festival City", the major Oslo-based recording center known as the Rehearsal Hotel, and "Little Steven" Van Zandt's musical and television activities here in Norway.



Beyond the Horizon - The Norwegian Maritime Industry
Norway is a country with just 5 million inhabitants - and yet has a Maritime Industry that spans the globe. Whether you are in Singapore, Philadelphia in the USA, Durban in South Africa or literally anywhere else where the Maritime industry is found, you will find the Norwegians. Read More



Only Excellence is Good Enough
The new Bergen-based Center for Maritime and Offshore Operations will combine the strengths of the Oil & Gas, Maritime, Subsea and OffshoreWind - sectors where the region is considered to be the country's leader within industrial operations, maintenance and modification. Read More

Autumn in Norway
Norway lies far to the north, a land where the sun is king in the summer and where winter makes the people here strong and enduring. Each year without fail, the sun surges southward and withsubtle beauty the last breath of summer fades into the Arctic Nights that will again come without fail to this mystic northern land. See this photo essay, Read More



The Day Everything Changed

It has now been two months since the horrific incidents of 22 July changed the entire country of Norway. The country has struggled to grasp the cruelty of the acts, led by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg has received wide praise for the way that he has handled the national tragedy, with dignity and poise in leading the nation on the long road back to healing. Read More

The Music of Stargate

Music is communication in its purest form, and two young men from mid-Norway have found theformula in finding a balance between production, the song, lyrics - and that something special that happens when the creative sparks fly. This is Stargate - who have
already seen 9 of their productions reach the pinnacle of all music sales charts -
Billboard #1 in the USA. Read more


The Sky is no limit - The Norwegian Space Program
Norway lies to the far north on the globe, perfectly positioned for its close working relationship with space. In fact, the modern space age iswidely attributed to have began in Norway when Kristian Birkeland created the famous Terrella experiment in 1896 that produced syntheticNorthern Lights. Read more


JULY 22, 2011
- Cowardly, hateful and senseless, thecruel acts of July 22, 2011 have foreverchanged the lives of families, friends,colleagues, towns, cities and the nation of Norway.

Say a prayer for those wounded and struggling to heal, and please take the time to read the names of each of the murdered victims of the Oslo bombing and the Utøya shootings to honor lives that ended far too soon - but will never be forgotten. Read More


JUNE 2011

As we are winding down towards the long summer in Norway, take the time to read these June articles on Norway Communicates:

The Battle of Oak Mountain - the proposed "Ekeberg Sculpture Park" in Oslo
"You don't know what you have until it is gone" is a wise saying that may apply to the current plans to build a "Sculpture Park" on the historic "Oak Mountain" (Ekeberg) in the south east part of the capital city of Oslo. Read More


MAY 2011

Norway Communicates showed you the diversity of this country in our May essays. The final essay of the month deals with the "Challenge of the Age" - the health system here in this country.

Challenge of the Age
Norway is known for its advanced health programs, but there are clouds forming on the horizon as the population ages. Health expenditures have doubled during the ten-year span from 1999 - 2009, costs increasing at a rate nearly 50% faster than GNP growth. Read more

Designing the Bergen Region
Europe is a complex continent, reflected in the membership of the AER (Assembly of European Regions) with no less than 270 member regions from 33 countries. Search the regions via Internet with the words "region design" or "design region" - and you will come up with only one alternative - "Design Region Bergen". Read more

The "Norwegian Dream"?
The vision of the old "Norwegian Dream" has been fulfilled, with signs of materialism and affluence everywhere. People here have their homes, cars, cabins, many have their facelifts - and the country now has the largest per capita pension fund in the world with nearly $200,000 US per citizen. But what is the "New" Norwegian Dream? Read More

The Decision is ... LILYHAMMER!
The upcoming Norwegian TV series "Lilyhammer" has simple, creative premise - and with everything that happens in the world these days - undeniably possible. Steven Van Zandt's ("Little Steven", "Silvio") character is a hard-core organized crime New Yorker put into the Witness Protection Program - in the Olympic town of Lillehammer. Read More

APRIL 2011

Each year in April, Norway Communicates will feature summer activities that you will not want to miss here in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Take a look, you may want to put it on your short list of things to do. In the April spotlight - Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo:

Oslo - The Festival City
Oslo hosts countless musical festivals and events throughout the year, covering every imaginable musical taste. The festival year has one of its peaks during the long Oslo summer, when music for every taste abounds. Read more

The Bergen Summer
The city of Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords – the most globally recognized trademark of this country full of natural wonders. The second largest city in Norway, it is here that you will find your “Endless Summer” full of activities. Read more

The Trondheim 2011 Summer Experience
The city of Trondheim is at the center of the region divided into two counties, North Trøndelag and South Trøndelag, a region that is a joy to experience during the long spring and summer days and the twilight nights. Take a closer look to find your Trondheim Experience. Read More

Your Red-Hot Stavanger Summer
Summer comes early and stays long in southwest Norway. The county of Rogaland and the Greater Stavanger Region with its 300,000 inhabitants look forward each year to time in the mountains, the fjords, and to take part in the festivals and events that have become a traditional part of summertime life here. Read more

March 2011

In the Heart – The Sons of Norway
There are 6 million Americans with their original roots in Norway, the result of nearly one-third of the Norwegian population emigrating from Norway during the 19th and early 20th century. One strong tie that unites is the organization called “Sons of Norway”, formed in 1895 by a handful of Norwegian immigrants. Read more

Sharing a Global Vision- The Oslo Cancer Cluster
It has become a cliché to say that the world is becoming ever more interrelated and smaller – but it is true. People are living longer, there are more of us, and with this longevity has come increasing trends in cancer rates. Turning this tide back is the vision of the Oslo Cancer Cluster. Read More

Road Trips – The National Tourist Routes in Norway
Road trips can be legendary. Historic Route 66 in the United States is an excellent example, made eternal in film, book - and in the hearts of those who have made the trip. Other road trips are legends in the making, such as the National Tourist Routes in Norway. Read more 

Sounds Perfect– The Oslo Rehearsal Hotel

Scandinavia’s foremost music city may seem to be seems a long way from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band´s roots in New Jersey, but the Oslo link with the E-Street band’s Steven Van Zandt is a strong one – and just like “Little Steven”, the “Rehearsal Hotel” in Oslo pursues the highest quality in music. Read more

February 2011

100% Norway Design Exhibition
The creative reputation of Norwegian Design is growing by the year. One of the most poignant symbols of this growth is the annual 100% Norway Exhibition, now looking forward to its eighth year in 2011, as always at the London Design Festival. Read More

The Scandinavian Mega-Region

Much of the future activity of this planet will be found in what is called “mega-regions”, where people will enjoy a high quality of life for themselves and families, close alliances between business, educational institutions and research, career opportunities - and flexibility of travel. The beginnings of such a future - the Scandinavia Mega-Region – are already in place. Read More

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