Rjukan and Tinn Municipality - UNESCO, Birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution and Heroes of Telemark

Rjukan and Tinn Municipality are at the heart of the folklore, traditions and industrial history of Norway.  In 1905, the visionary industrialist Sam Eyde harnessed the raging waterfalls of the region, creating the 2nd Industrial Revolution with the clean use of waterpower. During WWII, the Heroes of Telemark succeeded in a daring mission to stop the German development of atom bomb, famously told in the 1965 film starring Kirk Douglas, and later in the Norwegian production The Sabateurs. Now, David is assisting with the town, the region and Innovation Norway in a project that continues the legend already begun. 

​​Norway Communicates 

Norway Communicates in many ways, but it speaks most eloquently through nature. Travel to the north and experience a summer sun that will not set for months. Stand on Lofoten´s snow white beaches and find yourself in a crystal blue sea the color of the finest hour before sunrise. In the west is Bergen where you can stand on the wharf that has seen world trade for the last 1,000 years. Visit the south land in the summer when winter is just a faraway dream. Or stand on the mountain peaks anywhere in the country and understand what it means to see forever.

Join us and see what Norway Communicates to you.

Project Management, Creative Writing & Translation, Concept Development.  




The 2016 Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games

David John Smith was asked to write the bid for the 2016 Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games based on all available input. The bid was a success, and in the early years David worked with the small team that included Magne, Kristin and Tomas to develop marketing and imaging for the Games. Years passed, but then on the eve of the Opening Ceremony David received a call and he was back in the mix. His final contribution was writing the  report to the International Olympic Committee and working with Tomas to finalize the Transfer of Knowledge Report. Take the time to look at the Final Report - it is a big download, but it is worth it. This should be in every Norwegian library - what a legacy!

"NORWAY - One of the World's Best Kept Secrets"© 

Notodden & the Blues
In 2015, Espen Fjelle from the European Blues Center in  Notodden came to David John Smith and asked "Can you get Steven Van Zandt to come to the Notodden Blues Festival". David had worked with Stevie since 2011, so he thought that the answer was YES. Sure enough, Stevie came in 2015, and found his new home in Norway after years of Lilyhammer success. Now two years later, we have established the Little Steven's Blues School, a documentary is being developed and  Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul are coming to play the 30th Anniversary of the Notodden Blues Festival in August 2017. "Are you going to San Francisco" in 1967 has now become "Are you going to Notodden" in 2017.

Mideast meets Norway - DNO merges with RAK Petroleum

​DNO, the legendary 'People's Oil Company' in Norway was one of the very first companies to go into Iraq, entering Kurdistan in 2004 as one of the first international oil companies in the region and has a leading position in reserves and production. Discoveries such as Tawke in the very north led to successes, despite the challenges of both the flow of oil and money at times. Approached by DNO in 2012, David John Smith together with his esteemed colleague Wilford Augustus III, now a noted politician in the United Kingdom worked with DNO's communication platform upon their merger with RAK Petroleum. 

The Indiana Jones of Botanicals - Dr. James A. Duke and Vitreon America

David John Smith recently came back to Norway from travels to Johns Hopkins in the USA to help a company called Vitreon America begin a crusade that will help the famed Dr. Duke reallize his dream of bringing the power of Phytobotanicals to industries that include the Pharaceutical, Seafood, Cosmetic, Nutrition and more.  Created in collaboration with the renowned botanist - Vitreon America’s Botanicopeia™ has been created. With a registry of over 4,000 specific detailed botanical reports 7,000 plants including over 800 Rare Plants, the Botanicopeia™ is the largest in the world, and builds upon iconic Dr. Duke's legendary following that includes 30,000 subscribers to his newsletter and 1 million purchasers of ‘The Green Farmacy

Contact David John Smith at david@norwaycommunicates.com or by telephone +47 98000336

Here are a few examples of David John Smith's recent and current projects

Contact David John Smith at david@norwaycommunicates.com or by telephone +47 98000336

LIMPI - Lillehammer International School of Music Production and Industry

Composer, producer and pianist Magnus Beite moved from Los Angeles to LIllehammer with the dream of establishing a world-class music studio and a one-year school for students between the ages of 21 - 30. Together with Magnus we established the basis for LIMPI that will focus on each individual music student’s education and experience, matching that with the needs of the Music Industry - whether as an artist, producer, manager, technician, or even a lawyer.  LIMPI will provide the “Portal” – the smooth transition for each student from a school environment to the Music Industry and a sustainable and successful career. Now approved by NOKUT, which will provide student loans, LIMPI is on track to help recreate the way talents find their way into the music industry.