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Little Stevens Blues School

When Steven Van Zandt first came to Notodden in 2015, he thought he was going to find a big field with tents and some bands playing. What he found was a vibrant small town of 12,000 with 40,000 visiting the Notodden Blues Festival and everything taking place right downtown. He said to me, "Hey Dave, why didn't you tell me about his place before?" and was so inspired that he created a Blues School where he teaches each year.  

Contact David John Smith at david@norwaycommunicates.com

 or by telephone +47 98000336

USA Meet Norway

This is a light hearted fun 3.42 video where we talked to different people in Santa Barbara about the mysterious  country of Norway.  This is a charming piece created for Norway Communicates by Rogan Allen and Veronica M Van. Released a few years back, we are now nearly at 200,000 hits. Test yourself - what do you know about the country of Norway?

​​Norway Communicates 

Norway Communicates in many ways, but it speaks most eloquently through nature. Travel to the north and experience a summer sun that will not set for months. Stand on Lofoten´s snow white beaches and find yourself in a crystal blue sea the color of the finest hour before sunrise. In the west is Bergen where you can stand on the wharf that has seen world trade for the last 1,000 years. Visit the south land in the summer when winter is just a faraway dream. Or stand on the mountain peaks anywhere in the country and understand what it means to see forever.

Join us and see what Norway Communicates to you.

Global Mobility Forum

This is an event that was founded back in 2011 to help Norwegian better prepare for the influx of educated talents that have been coming to Norway. In 2013, I was the Event Director for this as part of the Global Talent Week. Check this out, there are some very interesting people discussion the challenges and the opportunities related to Global Mobility.

Global Talent Week Career Fair

This was a more upbeat video where we visited the Norwegian School of Management, the University College of Oslo and Akershus, the University of Oslo, and interviewed both Global Talents as well as the main people at each school, all talking about the need and importance of international student and talents in the workplace. The event was a smashing success at the Oslo Concert House, with nearly 2,000 visitors from 40 different countries.